Sun in a Bomb Shelter

August 21, 2014
Kristian Saks
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Last weekend I had a marvelous chance to set up my solargraphy exhibition at an event called Night of the Arts in the summer capital of Estonia, Pärnu.

The exhibition found its way to the cellar of the Pärnu Artists’ House that turned out to be a Soviet bomb shelter. When I hadn’t seen the place, then I had some doubts, but those, as it turned out, were totally unfounded. The bomb shelter was very surreal and unbelievably dry.

When the main emphasis of the Night of the Arts was on Supeluse street, then perhaps all those, who would have enjoyed it, didn’t make it to the exhibition, but on the other hand I got to communicate directly with everyone who did come.  People seemed to arrive in sets, with one small party leaving and the next stepping in. I believe that it made the exhibition visit more personal for the viewers and that means a lot to me.

I finally decided to lock up an hour before midnight when the last two guests were seeking for a dark yard to relieve themselves in. However they were very interested in the subject and we had a lengthy conversation which was a nice finalé for the flash exhibition.

The whole arts event and my flash exhibition gave me an emotionally positive experience. At this time I would once again thank the organisers of the Night of the Arts and all the visitors who found their way to the exhibition.

The next event to include my solargraphs will take place during the first week of September in a local gallery called Okapi. I will supply more information on that later on.

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Sun in a Bomb Shelter Sun in a Bomb Shelter Sun in a Bomb Shelter Sun in a Bomb Shelter Sun in a Bomb Shelter