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June 19, 2014
Kristian Saks
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After long and, during the last days, also nerve wrecking preparations I have reached an important milestone in my life: I opened my first personal exhibition. Many have seen my solargraphs on this blog and it is those what have made it, with the help of Andres Toodo and Diesel Arts, onto paper on aluminium composite and using a float mount technique into a wooden frame.

Altogether I am displaying 19 pieces, one framed original negative, which will become a dark piece of paper over time, and a halved can to demonstrate the anatomy of a solargraphy can. I have also installed a can on the wall, but it is showing up great reluctance and wants to break free, thus it is probable that I won’t get a quality negative from it.

The exhibition is held in the Tallinn Photo Museum Gallery which is located right behind the Town Hall at Raekoja 4/6. The exhibition has been up for a week and it will remain open until July 8, 2014. At the moment the future of the exhibition remains open, but I will give you all a shout when things become more certain.

The exhibition was covered by Reet Sau.

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